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Richard Bandler


NLP is used and applied in many different ways. The concept of NLP Life Talks, is to allow you, the viewer to learn from the experts and understand how they are applying NLP to their lives and careers. It allows you to become a modeler, which is a key foundation of NLP.

So if you are someone who wants to understand how these techniques can be used in your business, relationships and anywhere else you would like to have more influence and success… NLP Life Talks is for you!!

Immerse yourself in a world of transformational change from an in-depth catalog of inspiring talks which cover the topics of love, relationships, weight loss, communication, covert language, resilience, peak performance and more…

Come away with extraordinary insights and techniques used by world renowned experts including the genius and co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.


We all have the ability to achieve the life we desire, the key to doing this is by learning how to control our thoughts, our language and what we focus on.

Learn The Secrets To Achieving More In Life From The Leading Experts in NLP

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Sara Davison – The Divorce Coach
Nathan Douglas – Double Olympian
Kathleen LaValle – Master Trainer of NLP
Julia Keller – Love Coach & Hypnotherapist
Bernardo Moya – CIO @ The Best You
Richard Bandler – Co Creator of NLP
Mark Hayley – NLP Trainer & Personal Change Coach

Paul Boross – Expert in Communication and Public Speaking
Marisa Peer – Expert Hypnotherapist
Paul McKenna – Expert Hypnotist, Author & TV Personality
John LaValle – The President of the Society of NLP
Janey Lee Grace – Singer, Author & Presenter
Tony Wrighton – Author, TV and Radio Host
Dr. Stephen Simpson – World Renowned Mind Coach & Hypnotherapist

Less than $6.00 a Month!

Here’s What You Get When You Join:

*A unique collection of talks from top NLP experts
*4 Brand New Talks Added To Your Library Every Month
*Summary and Key Learning Points with Each Talk
*Downloadable Transcriptions of Every Talk
*Exclusive Collection of Interviews with Richard Bandler


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Introduction to NLP by Richard Bandler

Success Comes From A Subtle Shift

Think about it…

Many horse races are won by a nose and The Masters by a single putt.

So what does this mean?

It means the margin between winning and losing is often narrow, but the rewards are worlds apart.

The same is true of those who desire success and those who achieve it, the subtle difference is down to one thing.

Achievers have wired their minds for success…

We have the ability to influence our thoughts, and our thoughts are what determine our outcomes.

NLP Life Talks demonstrate how subtle internal shifts in our thinking can create massive external shift in our lives.

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Here’s a taste of what you can expect from NLP Life Talks

Bernardo Moya – Founder and Chief Inspirational officer @ The Best You
John LaValle – The President of the Society of NLP
Janey Lee Grace – Singer, Author & Presenter
Marissa Peer – Expert Hypnotherapist
Nathan Douglas – Double Olympian
Paul Boross – The Pitch Doctor
Dr. Richard Bandler – Co Creator of NLP

Become a member for less than $6.00 a Month!