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Fiona Campbell – How to use the NLP Meta Model in business

Using the NLP Meta Model Workshop with Fiona Campbell, Licensed NLP Trainer | Hosted by The Best You and NLP Life Training.

Darren Winters “Millionaire Investor Teaches His Exact Strategies”

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Adelaide Freeman – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Adelaide’s runs Twillo Brand Influencers,  an influencer
marketing agency.

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, as a middle child she is a natural connector, encourager,
motivator, and people-person.

Christine Erickson – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Christine Erickson is a Mindfulness Coach and Clinical Mental Health Counsellor.

She owns two businesses, ‘The Mindful Lab’, coaching mindfulness and ‘Emotional Healing’, providing therapy services for adults and children.

Tyler Ornstein – webinar with Bernardo Moya

As a young start up – at 15 years old Tyler was defiantly someone who had a dream and vision, to make the world a better place one COFFEE CUP AT A TIME.

‘Growing up with my company I had a lot of trials and tribulations. this was what I like to call business 101.’

Owen Fitzpatrick – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo talks to Owen the globetrotting speaker, international best selling author and Social Psychologist that has spoken to audiences in 30 countries.

Hailing from Dublin in Ireland, the land of storytellers.

Dr. Fab Mancini – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Dr. Fab Mancini is America’s #1 Healthy Living Media Expert, a world renowned Chiropractor.

He is the best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul.

Bernardo’s – The Three Things You Should be Learning Right Now

There are a number of things you should be doing right now, many are life changing, and essential skills to learn.

Bernardo will share his tips ideas around the new opportunities and the things you should be looking into.

Dan Kuschell – training webinar with Bernardo Moya

3 Steps to Pivot And Prosper Your Business In Turbulent Times.

Training webinar with the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Breakthrough3X.

James Arthur Ray – webinar with Bernardo Moya

James is the author of six internationally best-selling books including his New York Times bestseller HARMONIC WEALTH: The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want; and a co-author and contributor to THE SECRET

Daniel Bissonnette – webinar with Bernardo Moya

At 12 Daniel was ranked in the world’s top 100 most influential vegans, at 13 won the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion, became the most in-demand youth keynote in the Wellness industry.

Inspiring People LIVE
April 25th 2020

Bernardo Moya’s webinar with Andro Donovan, Alison Miskin, Anandi Francis, 
Jena Rodriguez, Steven Kuo, Sara Davison,
Shaelynn Parker, Daniel Aprea, Ruth Owen,
Sean Stewart, Suya Devi , Renate Damhuis, 
Catherine Gruener, Natalie Portelli, Blanchy Dodd
Noah St. John and Bill Walsh

Inspiring People LIVE April 18th 2020

Bernardo Moya’s webinar with Na’ima Robert, Daniel Aprea, Christine Erickson, Kimberly Meredith, Angel Tuccy, Johann Ilgenfritz, Sophie Sabbage and friends.

Inspiring People LIVE April 11th 2020

Bernardo Moya’s webinar with Cat LaCohie, Krystylle Richardson, Shantha Mony,
Chantelle Simone, Amira Alvarez, Candace Coleman,
Cindy Jorgensen, Anne Marie Dubois,
Leigh Koechner and Forbes Riley.

David Meltzer – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya’s webinar with David Meltzer. David is CEO of Sports 1 Marketing.

Michael Neill – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya talks to Michael Neill the internationally renowned success coach.

Jeffrey Hoffman – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Jeff Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO and motivational speaker talks with Bernardo Moya.

Sharon Lechter – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Sharon is CEO of Pay Your Family First, a financial education organization and the co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

NLP webinar Live

NLP webinar Live
With Laura Spicer, Marilyn Sandoval,
 Christiane Neuman, Susy Shikoda,
Orlando Zucchetto, 
Sara Davison, Cindy Galvin,
Paul Boross, Garry Jones
 and Naheed Khan.

David T. Fagan – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

David, former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, talks to Bernardo Moya.

Mastin Kipp – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya talks to Mastin Kipp the American entrepreneur, bestselling author, renowned public speaker and the creator of Functional Life Coaching™

Dave Asprey – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Dave Asprey is the founder and CEO of Bulletproof 360, a high-performance coffee and food company, as well as the creator of Bulletproof Coffee talks to Bernardo Moya.

Richard Bandler – Webinar 2 with Bernardo Moya

Dr. Richard Bandler,  is the Co-Founder of the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming talks to Bernardo Moya.

Fiona Harrold – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

The Daily Mail called her, ‘the Queen Bee of Coaching’ and The Times, ‘one of the new gurus.’  She has worked in prisons, schools, with public figures and 1000’s of clients.

Tammy Adams

Bernardo Moya’s Webinar
Tammy Adams has been a Master Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer for over 30 years

Amazing insights from world leaders and experts

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernardo’s webinar, his guests are Linda Benthall Frank, Katherine McClelland, Colleen Biggs, Brian and Janice Muldoon with Jonathan Chase, Nicole Marie Kite & Tonya Fairley,
Krystylle Richardson, Sara Davison & Valentin Siroon, Paul Boross & Matthew Hersh,  Daniel Bissonette & Josh Ritcher and Tammy Adams and Marisa Peer.

How we can best overcome our current COVID-19 challenges

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernrdo’s webinar with Katia Stoletniy & Carolina Osorio.

How we can best overcome our current challenges

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernardo’s webinar talking with Ileana Simancas & Christine Blosdale.

Haleh Gianni – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo talks to Haleh Gianni about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

Dr Sonja Stribling

Bernardo Moya’s Webinar
Bernardo talks to Dr Sonja Stribling about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

Experts discussing how to deal with COVID-19.

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernardo’s webinar where he talks to Karla SIlva, Jackeline Cacho, Liliana Perez, Catherine Garces & Anne Marie Dubois.

Expert discussion on how we can best overcome our current challenges.

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernardo’s webinar talking to with Jena Rodriguez, Felicia Searcy & Abraham Heisler.

Life during the Corona virus

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernardo’s webinar talking with Conni Ponturo & Carey Conley.

FB EXPO Live – with David Meltzer

Bernardo talks to David Meltzer about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

FB EXPO Live – with Jay Ticker

Bernardo talks to Jay Ticker about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

FB EXPO Live – with Jackie Lapin

Bernardo talks to Jackie Lapin about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

EXPO FB live – with Mas Sajady

Bernardo talks to Mas Sajady about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

How we can best overcome our current challenges with COVID-19

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernardo’s webinar talking with Krystylle Richardson & friends

Corona virus and the best things to do

Inspiring People LIVE
Bernardo’s webinar talking with Raho Bornhost & Cat LaCohie.

Carey Conley – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Carey draws from more than two decades of experience in growing two businesses, decades of being a wife and mom.

Carey Conley believes that success in life is about following your true passion and knowing what impact you are here to make in the world.

Zina B Gleason – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

She talks about perspective and giving back to humanity.

She is a leader, innovator, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and warrior.

Kubi Springer – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Kubi Springer has a portfolio that expands over 20 years and includes Nike, L’Oreal, MTV, Blackberry, Diddy, Rio Ferdinand, MOBO Awards, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, London and New York Fashion Weeks.

Kubi’s name has become synonymous with three words – She Builds Brands.

Vicky Schettini – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

In 2018, I founded WIT (Whatever It Takes) Property Finders. I was already on track to accomplish my financial freedom building my wealth and legacy. From those humble beginnings, I stayed focused and driven.

Matt Kendall – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Matt Kendall is an accomplished speaker, therapist, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Interesting Talks London, with over 24,000 members, it is the largest self-development Meetup group in the world.

Josh Ritcher -Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Josh says: “My heart goes out to those who struggle with the darkness, I feel you.

You have way more control than you could ever imagine, and it’s much easier than you think. You can live happy and free from the negative spinning mind by reframing your daily thoughts.”

Daniel Aprea – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Multi-award winning Speaker & Entrepreneur Daniel Aprea M.Sc is the Author of Prospects Into Clients and international leader in decision-making and platform speaking training.

Engineering manager by trade, Daniel started his entrepreneurial journey by teaching advanced NLP skills and helping people overcome shyness, manage their emotions and communicate effectively.

JudyMay Murphy – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

JudyMay is highly skilled in NLP, transactional analysis, CBT, Enneagram, and systems thinking.

She uses these skills, as well as her own change models which she has been creating and teaching for the last ten years) to leverage the power of the individual to affect real progress.

John Lee – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

John Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Wealth Dragons. John started investing in property in his early 20s.

By the time he was 27, John had achieved his goal of becoming a self-made millionaire.

Greg Reid – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

In this unique interview Greg shares some great insights of his work with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, his new film based on the life of Frank Shankwitz founder of Make a Wish foundation, what it takes to become a great speakers and what it takes to succeed in life and so much more

Warren Cass – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Warren has been an entrepreneur running his own business for 25 years.

He has experienced huge success and tasted the bitter pill of failure. All of these lessons and stories are shared when he speaks…. Always from the heart!

Aaron Young – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Founder of “The Best You” Bernardo Moya speaks to Aaron Young who is a life long entrepreneur and trusted advisor for business owners.

He is the creator of The Unshackled Owner, a program for entrepreneurs who want to build a business that works harder for them than they have to work for it.

Paul McKenna – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Paul’s books have sold more than seven million copies and been translated into 32 languages.

Paul shares insights on helping people with addictions, training and working with Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP and which of his books is his favourite.



Richard Bandler – Webinar 1 with Bernardo Moya

Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP talks to Bernardo Moya recorded LIVE on 12th September 2019.

American author and trainer in the field of self-help. He is best known as the co-creator of the Neuro-linguistic programming, a methodology to understand and change human behavior-patterns.

Bill Walsh – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

He is an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity. He has a very successful background in finance and marketing.

He has spent two decades working with start-ups to major global brands increasing sales, productivity and overall success.

Dr Sonja Stribling – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Dr. Sonja Stribling is 21-year Army highly decorated combat veteran committed to empowering women.

As a life coach, business expert, and recipient of The Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, she specializes in empowering women to discover their inner POWER to ascend to the next level in their life and business.

Didi Wong – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Born in Hong Kong, raised in England and now residing in Los Angeles, Didi Wong is a multi award winning international speaker, film/ TV producer, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

She has expertise in the industries of entrepreneur education, entertainment, event planning, public speaking, business mentoring, interior design and real estate.

Mas Sajady – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Exponential Intelligence® (EI) is a science based body of knowledge that Mas Sajady discovered through his 2nd near death experience. EI explains the secrets to life from a quantum physics perspective.

The process removes issues at the core of your being so you can reach your optimum potentiality and attain rapid & tangible results.