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Les and Dr Ona Brown

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Inspiring People

A collection of interviews and masterclasses to inspire and motivate. One of the best ways to learn, is modelling those that are standing out, those that are making a difference…leading the way.

These exclusive interviews with our founder, Bernardo Moya will provide you with great insights into the lives of these inspiring people, their challenges, their life turning points, their successes. There is always a golden nugget…what would you expect when you get the chance to learn from:

  • Sports Personalities and Olympians
  • Self Made Millionaires and Industry Leaders
  • Thought Leaders, Influencers and many more

The library of masterclasses includes:

Baroness Michelle Mone, Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish, Dr. Richard Bandler, Micheal Neil, Alastair Campbell, Jon Amaechi, John DeMartini, Marie Diamond, and so many more

Inspiring People Talks

It’s our take on Ted Talks. 25 minute talks filmed in iconic venues in front of a live audience.

“These talks will inspire YOU to want to do more…achieve more…and become more”

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Talks from Marisa Peer, Paul Boross, Dr. Steve Simpson, Dr Richard Bandler, Nigel Boterill, Sharon Lechter and so many more

NLP Life Talks - Logo

NLP Life Training is the largest NLP Training organisation in the world. For the last four years we have been compiling talks from the world experts in NLP and those that we believe are worth modelling.

collage NLP Talks

Speakers include:
Dr. Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP, John LaValle the president of the society of NLP, Kate Benson International Director of Education for the Society of NLP™, Kathleen LaValle Master Trainer, Julia Keller, Sara Davison, Paul Boross, Nathan Douglas, Marisa Peer, Janey Lee Grace, and so many more

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The Best You EXPO Talks
The Best You promotes the largest personal development EXPOs in the world. Since 2016 The EXPOs held in London, Long Beach and virtually in Dallas, and Miami have had close 1000 speakers and over 100,000 attendees.

The talks are approximately 45 minutes long and cover all aspects of personal and professional growth. Talks on public speaking, finding love, increasing confidence and low self-esteem, how to make more money, get more clients, increase your social media presence, talks on NLP and so much more. We are talking about over 1000 talks, so there is something for everyone. Every month we will release 30 new talks, ONE a day so you pick and choose what you want, when you want it.

Within the talks we also have some great panels where we discuss current and hot topics such as slavery, global warming, Blockchain, the use of CBD oils and so much more.

Some of our main stage speakers included
Les, Brown, Lisa Nichols, Ken Honda, Jeff Hoffman, Jack Canfield, Sharon Lechter, Marisa Peer, Dr. Greg Reid, Brian Rose, Jim Kwik, Mastin Kipp, Dave Asprey, Nia Peeples, Barbara de Angelis, Judymay Murphy, Eric Ho, Janey Lee Grace, Bill Walsh, Ismael Cala, David Fagan, Bernardo Moya our Founder and so many more.
Some of the other speakers include:
Sara Davison, Paul Boross, Forbes Riley, Fiona Harrold, Mindy Gibbins – Klein, Janice Muldoon, Victoria Grech, Leon Streete, Mirela Sula, Mabel Katz, Mabel Iam, hundreds and hundreds more
Jim Kwik
Mastin Kipp
Dave Asprey
Nia Peeples
Barbara de Angelis
Judymay Murphy
Eric Ho
Brian Rose
Bill Walsh
Marisa Peer
Bernardo Moya
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