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How to Understand, Overcome and Utilize Fear


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Here are just a few things you’ll take away:

  • The 5 primary fears. How to recognize them immediately when they arise, and leverage their energy to create outrageous results…
  • The specific three step strategy to take the energy of fear and turn it into fuel…
  • The secret known by all ultimate performers and elite achievers to keep you moving forward versus stalled in place…
  • The one overarching fear society programmed into you that keeps you stuck in the matrix; and how to neutralize it once and for all…
  • The power of what psychologists call an internal locus of control and how to immediately develop it…
  • An ancient secret to put your own personal demons to work for you, versus against you…
  • How to literally allow your fear to do all the heavy lifting in your life (this one will blow you away)…

Five ways to turn debilitating fear into fuel:

and create the life and business you deserve.

In this comprehensive system, you’ll learn the exact strategies you need to turn the often-raging emotion of fear into outrageous success and achievement.

You’ll learn how to turn what debilitates most, into fuel for achievement in both Life and Business.

You’ll learn how to experience a full spectrum of life; and to live more energized, enthused, inspired and alive.

You’ll be admitted to an exclusive member only Online Mastermind Group from around the globe; of other growth-minded and committed Leaders; to discuss learnings, ideas and networking.

What will it mean to your income, your business, your fulfillment and peace of mind, to eradicate fear and turn it into fuel?

What will you achieve when you’re no longer limited by the beast of fear that imprisons so many and steals energy, happiness, and dreams?

James is the author of six internationally best-selling books including his New York Times bestseller HARMONIC WEALTH: The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want; and a co-author and contributor to THE SECRET.

Ray has worked with over 1 million people from 145 countries through his audio, video, coaching, and life and business leadership programs. Over 1 million people have attended his live events worldwide. His new book THE BUSINESS OF REDEMPTION, The Price of Leadership in Life and Business was released in February of 2020. James Arthur Ray’s company hit the Inc. 500 in 2009 as one of the fastest growing most successful privately held companies in the United States, and possibly the world. In 2007, he was awarded the distinguished Toastmasters award for Outstanding Communication and Leadership.

His book Harmonic Wealth was voted as one of the top celebrity reads by People Magazine in 2008. Fortune Magazine wrote a full feature article on him in 2008 heralding him as the new frontrunner in leadership and performance. James has appeared numerous times on Larry King Live, Piers Morgan, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN and Oprah. After rising to the pinnacle of his profession, he and his company were involved in a tragic accident in 2009 and he lost everything. Since that time, he has applied the same strategies he taught his clients for decades to rebuild his own life and business and to come back strong.

James’ life story is told in the CNN Documentary ENLIGHTEN US released on CNN in 2016 and now on Netflix. Because of his experience in building from humble beginnings and scratch, as well as rebuilding after hitting rock bottom post terrible crises, James has the unique experience and ability to help those at the top, those on the climb, and those who must put their life back together to get up and climb again. In his mission to positively impact a minimum of one billion lives and businesses worldwide, Ray continues relentlessly to bring his experience, resilience, adaptability, and wisdom to all those he’s blessed to serve and support. James resides in Henderson, Nevada.

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