NLP Life Talks

Nathan Douglas

'The Mindset of Resilience' One of the greatest triple jumpers Great Britain has ever seen. Nathan helps you to see how to have a better mindset, mental focus and determination, so that you can also come out on top.

John Richardson

'Dream On - How To Achieve Your Dreams' Learn how to achieve your dreams with one thousand hours of dedicated work.

Expo Talks

Stephanie Brown – Purpose Driven Growth Strategies For Success

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Dr. Stephen Simpson
EXPO UK 2016

Get Lucky Now! Dr. Stephen Simpson's Get Lucky Now!, he reveals seven secrets that, when followed, lead to abundant health, wealth, and happiness.

Carlyle Jenkins
EXPO UK 2016

Tap Into You: The Truth About Stress Fascinated with the idea that the holistic, integrated approach I used with elite athletes could also be helpful to busy professionals.

Hilary Rowland
EXPO UK 2018

How I Launched London's First Boutique Spinning Studio and Things I've Learnt Along the Way Hilary talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage. Hilary shares her journey from model to co -founder of one of London's most popular spin studios, Boom Cycle.

Inspiring People

Dr Stephen Simpson

Dr Stephen Simpson

Inspiring People Talk Dr. Stephen Simpson is an internationally acclaimed mind coach, hypnotherapist, presenter, TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

Tony Wrighton

Tony Wrighton

Inspiring People Interview Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton has published  popular self-help books on communication and motivation. He runs zestology podcast exploring energy and vitality.

Nathan Douglas

Nathan Douglas – Inspiring People Interview

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John Amaechi

John Amaechi – Inspiring People Interview

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David Meltzer

David Meltzer – webinar with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya's webinar with David Meltzer. David is CEO of Sports 1 Marketing.


FB EXPO Live – with David Meltzer

Bernardo talks to David Meltzer about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.