NLP Life Talks

Kate Cross

'Change The Narrative Of Your Life' Have you thought about how NLP strategies can fast track your learning? Kate demonstrates how you can apply NLP techniques to learn new skills quickly and effectively.

Florencia Serritella – Make Your Dreams Come True Using NLP

Learn how NLP can be applied in a corporate environment helping people to develop strategies to cope with stressful working environments.

Naheed Zaman's NLP Life Talk

Naheed Zaman – Tap Into Your Universal Assistant

Learn how to tap into your Universal Personal Assistant and ask for what you need. Tips to remain positive and focused and to achieve your dreams.

Expo Talks

Judymay Murphy at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Judymay Murphy is a celebrated international motivational speaker and success coach.

Les and Dr. Ona Borwn

Les and Dr. Ona Brown at the Virtual EXPO 2020

One of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown together with his daughter Dr. Ona Brown.

Emma Ross

Emma Ross
EXPO UK 2018

Malina Horbury Workshop Emma Ross talks on the Passion to Profit Stage. A thought -provoking 45 minutes she explores the true value that comes from within and when learning to live from the heart.

Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis
EXPO UK 2016

Soul Shifts Transform Yourself From The Inside Out Learn how advanced spirituality affects your everyday life and also the people around you.

Inspiring People

Michael Neill

Michael Neill – Inspiring People Interview

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Dr Rohan Weerainghe

Dr Rohan Weerainghe – Inspiring People Interview

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Marisa Peer Inspiring People Interview

Marisa Peer – Inspiring People Interview

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Bernardo webinar with Daniel Bissonnette

Daniel Bissonnette – webinar with Bernardo Moya

At 12 Daniel was ranked in the world’s top 100 most influential vegans, at 13 won the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion, became the most in-demand youth keynote in the Wellness industry.

Tammy Adams - Webinar

Tammy Adams

Bernardo Moya's Webinar Tammy Adams has been a Master Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer for over 30 years

Ileana Simancas
& Christine Blosdale

How we can best overcome our current challenges

Inspiring People LIVE Bernardo's webinar talking with Ileana Simancas & Christine Blosdale.

Haleh Gianni

FB EXPO Live – with Jackie Lapin

Bernardo talks to Jackie Lapin about how we can best overcome our current challenges.