NLP Life Talks

Sara Davison

'Uncoupling - The Divorce Coach' Sara is an expert break-up and divorce coach. This talk offers practical, strategic advice and techniques to support individuals navigating the process of divorce. Using NLP techniques Sara helps you to build a positive future.

Julia Keller – Waiting For Love In The Wrong Places

Learn how to be the creator of your own ideal story. Create the vision of where you want to be and make a plan of how to get there.

Expo Talks

Judymay Murphy at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Judymay Murphy is a celebrated international motivational speaker and success coach.

Wendy Felicity Firmin-Price
EXPO UK 2016

Relationships - What's the secret? The 3 biggest mistakes that keep love away Wendy transports you on a journey of Self Discovery and Self Mastery with magical and life-changing results to all your relationships in the home, at work and with yourself.

Kelly Pretty
EXPO UK 2018

How to find your Soulmate When you don't have a Minute to Breathe Kelly talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage. Kelly is an entrepreneur, Inspirational speaker and mentor helping you to find connected love in a disconnected world.

Renee Piane

Renee Piane

'The Art of Balancing Life, Love, Family and Business' Renee was speaking on the Best for Business Stage. Prepare to feel transformed by Renee's guide to "getting real", and learn how to make deeper connections.

Inspiring People

Nicki Hambleton-Jones

Nicki Hambleton-Jones

Inspiring People Interview Nicki is an entertaining speaker with a vast knowledge of all things fashion, beauty and anti-ageing.

Renne plaine

Renee Piane – Inspiring People Interview

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Paul Boross, Tammy Adams, 
Jonathan Chase, 
Marisa Peer and friends.

Amazing insights from world leaders and experts

Inspiring People LIVE Bernardo's webinar, his guests are Linda Benthall Frank, Katherine McClelland, Colleen Biggs, Brian and Janice Muldoon with Jonathan Chase, Nicole Marie Kite & Tonya Fairley, Krystylle Richardson, Sara Davison & Valentin Siroon, Paul Boross & Matthew Hersh,  Daniel Bissonette & Josh Ritcher and Tammy Adams and Marisa Peer.

Haleh Gianni

Haleh Gianni – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

Bernardo talks to Haleh Gianni about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

Mas Sajady - Webinar

EXPO FB live – with Mas Sajady

Bernardo talks to Mas Sajady about life during the Corona virus and  about how we can best overcome our current challenges.

JudyMay Murphy

JudyMay Murphy – Webinar with Bernardo Moya

JudyMay is highly skilled in NLP, transactional analysis, CBT, Enneagram, and systems thinking.

She uses these skills, as well as her own change models which she has been creating and teaching for the last ten years) to leverage the power of the individual to affect real progress.