Expo Talks

John Shin

John Shin at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

John Shin, entrepreneur, philanthropist, executive producer, author,motivational speaker and critically-acclaimed business coach.

Elliot Kay
EXPO UK 2016

Super Strategy - How To Build A 100K+ Business Elliot Kay is an strategy expert, his key message is making strategy simple and therefore has spoken all over the world.

Kajen Kanagasabai
EXPO UK 2018

Authentic Creation Kajen here talk on the Wealth and Riches Stage. Kajen worked in senior finance for over 20 years and now marries practical business skills with personal development to create mind solutions and help you overcome challenges.


3 things to Learn Now

Bernardo’s – The Three Things You Should be Learning Right Now

There are a number of things you should be doing right now, many are life changing, and essential skills to learn. Bernardo will share his tips ideas around the new opportunities and the things you should be looking into.