Jonathan Chase

How To Make Friends With Yourself and Influence People


Cutting Edge Influence Training - Get to know yourself better and learn Fast Fun and Influential Subconscious Skills techniques. This is your chance to help yourself to fast, fun, effective ‘secret’ techniques from Stage Hypnosis, Mentalism and NLP to get More Profit, More Pleasure and More Time to Play.

‘How to make friends with yourself and Influence People’ is Jonathan Chase’s take on using your subconscious talents to get Comfortable Confidence, Increased Influence and Personal Presence.

Techniques That You Already Have On-board Will Be Easily Enhanced 

> It gets installed – You Won’t Need To Work Or Study

> You Don’t Need Special Language Skills - No un-natural and awkward embedded commands to master

> ‘Trance’ Is Not Part Of The Process - Hypnosis is not trance, it's suggestion and fascination

> Normal Skills You Already Have Just Need Turned On - When the DELIBERATE INFLUENCE AND INTENT is turned on then you will get to choose when it happens and what the result is going to be.

> Playing And Experimentation Are Vital - even as an adult you learn more in the playground experimenting and trying things out than you ever do in the class room. 

Importantly there are BONUS's and probably what gives this online training it's real value as we believe that people need interaction. 

*6 months to the exclusive MasterMind Membership Live Online with Jonathan Chase every month

Ask your questions for Jonathan to answer live. Online we’ll be there to help you refine and master these skills. To resolve slip ups and support and applaud your success. Live demos and even coaching sessions. The video will then be added to your library to grow your understanding.

*Access to the exclusive MindSTYLE psychometric assessment online-app​

Normally reserved for our own £10k CEO Leadership clients and coaching licensees, we’re adding this to give you an instant look at your hard-wired behavioural makeup… what psychologists and neuro-science refers to as ‘Trait 



Hi it’s Jonathan!

I’d love to tell you what we do with our Entrepreneurial Expert, Executive and Leadership talks, events and clients. Thing is that no two have ever been exactly the same.

I’m sort of like a Subconscious Spielberg. I help you get the best from your brain and and Most from your Mind. You’ll communicate with more confidence, presence, and pleasure and deliver that in your Consultations, Networking, Negotiations, Selling, Speaking and Training.

I work to a strategy not a script so the Best Way to Experience how we work, and how it will work for you, is to experience. Go to Discover Your Mind Style and use the app, we’ll be in touch!

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