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  • Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Gabriel Nossovitch at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Gabriel Nossovitch is the co-founder of several personal transformation companies throughout Latin America: ArgentinaWorks SA, in Buenos Aires, ChileWorks SA, in Santiago, and Worldworks Mexico, in Mexico City.

Interview and Live Performance with Yury Revich – Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Yury Revich is the ECHO Klassik 2016 winner as “Newcomer of the Year” and “Young Artist of the Year” 2015 by the International Classical Music Awards.

Jack Canfield at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Jack Canfield. “A New Breakthrough on How to Create Better Health, Emotional Freedom and Financial Abundance”

James Arthur Ray at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

James is the author of six internationally best-selling books including his New York Times bestseller HARMONIC WEALTH: The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want; and a co-author and contributor to THE SECRET.

James Dentley at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

As a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years, James has helped over 400,000 people throughout the world learn what it takes to become high performers in their business and personal lives, and TLC is thrilled to have him as part of their growing team.

Jeff Hoffman at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Jeff Hoffman is an award-winning global entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, bestselling author, Hollywood film producer, a producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album, and executive producer of an Emmy Award winning television show.

John Shin at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

John Shin, entrepreneur, philanthropist, executive producer, author,motivational speaker and critically-acclaimed business coach.

Mabel Katz at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Mabel Katz is an author, public speaker, and internationally acclaimed seminar leader, and world peace ambassador.

Mas Sajady at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Mas Sajady is an energy-healing pioneer who shows people how to access their Exponential Intelligence (EI) to optimize their health, happiness & success.

Michael Neill at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned success coach and the best-selling author of You Can Have What You Want and Supercoach!

Shea Vaughn at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Shea Vaughn is a lifestyle pioneer and nationally recognized health and wellness authority.

Judymay Murphy at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Judymay Murphy is a celebrated international motivational speaker and success coach.

Dr Sonia Stribling at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Dr. Sonja Stribling is a Transformation Specialist, Influence Expert and BestSelling Author.

Les and Dr. Ona Brown at the Virtual EXPO 2020

One of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown together with his daughter Dr. Ona Brown.

Marisa Peer at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020

Marisa Peer’s talk at the Virtual EXPO LA 2020 –  ‘The Rules of Your Mind’

Bernardo Moya Interviews Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles is an author, professor, lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur, music executive.

Anna Logan-Riversby
EXPO UK 2017

Lost in a man’s world- my experience with burnout under the glass ceiling
She helps executive women find their greatness and turn it into fulfilling careers. Today her clients create balance of work and life with 100% certainty in trusting their individual path.

Andrew Cratchley
EXPO UK 2017

Hope is not a strategy!
Andrew is a clear strategic thinker with an innovative and pragmatic approach to problem solving and decision making.

Andrew and Diane Nicholson
EXPO UK 2017

Accelerated personalized development
This will enable you to understand yourself like never before, identify your potential in life, love, happiness and success, and remove the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back.

Wendy Felicity Firmin-Price
EXPO UK 2016

Relationships – What’s the secret? The 3 biggest mistakes that keep love away
Wendy transports you on a journey of Self Discovery and Self Mastery with magical and life-changing results to all your relationships in the home, at work and with yourself.

Vanessa Woozley
EXPO UK 2016

Unleashing your inner potential using therapeutic – grade essential oils
Vanessa is now dedicated to helping others discover that natural plant-based protocols can be the most powerful medicine.

Tamara Russell

Mindfulness in motion? Harnessing your full brain potential in every moment
Her academic work focuses on the evaluation of adaptations of mindfulness for different clinical groups including eating disorders and bipolar illness and healthcare staff. 

Susan Armstong
EXPO UK 2016

Stop Standing in your own way: Escape your invisible prison
Susan teaches you the same principles she used to go from addicted, abused, and homeless, to making minimum wage, and eventually, to her current position.

Sukhi Wahiwala
EXPO UK 2016

Unlock your true potential
He has a uniquely magnetic personality that naturally gives individuals belief to step out of the “daily grind and brain fuzz” into fun, balanced and exciting lives.

Steve Nobel
EXPO UK 2016

Write, publish, market your book
He is a book mentor and spiritual coach. Previous to working with The Soul Matrix he was a director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives

Shweta Jhajharia
EXPO UK 2016

The best 3 business strategies to create a bigger impact
Her clients across sectors consistently achieve measurable double-digit growth (over 41%) and are the most awarded client base in the UK.

Sharon Callix
EXPO UK 2016

Discover 5 ways to make money using facebook and attract niched clients, without spending any money!
There are several ways to apply social media marketing, but my approach is based on helping the client become an authority in their niche and build a trusting relationship with their audience.

Sara Davison
EXPO UK 2016

How to survive a break-up and move on to create the life you want to live
Sara shows people that a break-up is not the end of your happiness and you can move on to an even better life.

Steve Consalvez
EXPO UK 2016

Quantum Character
You will be introduced to the concept of Quantum Character and you will be shown how, with practice you can start to manifest the things you want in your life.

Prof. Philip Bond
EXPO UK 2016

Creativity, creative problem solving, innovation and disruptive change
Philip Bond explains how we can refocus our brains to reclaim our innate creativity.Creative thinking is the force that drives innovation, gains a competitive edge and frees you to perform at your very best.

Paul J Spencer
EXPO UK 2016

The five steps to creating powerful personal changes
Paul will share with you how he used his mindset to overcome some major life challenges and the steps he teaches clients that he learned by modelling the best people.

Nick Le Clere
EXPO UK 2016

Working with energy systems-escaping stuck programming
Pioneer of Energy Systems Coaching (ESC) to communicate and interact with chakras and personal energy centres in and around the body.

Neil Shah
EXPO UK 2016

Reduce stress to achieve success
Offers simple and practical solutions for reducing your stress levels so you can manage your life and breathe a sigh of relief.

Naheed Zaman
EXPO UK 2016

Discover your universal assistant
This simple 5 Step System enabled Naheed to go from a struggling business owner to a multi-millionaire female entrepreneur in 18 months.

Mirela Sula
EXPO UK 2016

Turning your ideas into actions
Psychotherapist Mirela Sula draws on her own personal and professional experiences and those of her mother to produce a book that is poignant, profound, and moving.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein
EXPO UK 2016

How to write your Best book and make it a best seller
Mindy has helped hundreds of experts get their message out into the market by writing and publishing the best possible books.

Matt Kendall
EXPO UK 2016

How to market your therapy practice
Teach coaches, therapists and mental health professionals how to use IEMT with their own clients to increase their success rates.

Louise Presley-Turner
EXPO UK 2016

How to get 7 clients in 7 days
I am going to share 7 SOLID CLIENT ATTRACTION IDEAS that are HOT right now and can be simply implemented into your business within the next week!

Kate Varvedo
EXPO UK 2016

How to get your life on track in six months from rock bottom to limitless potential
Will guide you to take actions, give you tools to discover yourself and your strength to allow you to become that strong person you desire to be.

Kate Tojeiro
EXPO UK 2016

The art of possible, new habits, neuroscience and the power of deliberate action
From her experience as a coach, she uncovered insights using the latest findings in neuroscience, to recognise what is really possible in everyday life for everyone.

Julie Creffield
EXPO UK 2016

The elephant in the room
She not only helps overweight women to survive and thrive in the sport, she helps health organisations to find sensible yet innovative solutions to obesity and inactivity.

Jimmy Petruzzi
EXPO UK 2016

How to thrive and not just survive in the 21st century
This will help you discover how to turn defeats and setbacks into successes: Improve your ability to grasp what is driving a particular situation and adapt your behaviour to gain the most beneficial outcome.

Ian Young
EXPO UK 2016

Beating addictions permanently – the 7 stages for permanent recovery and how you can help those who don’t want to be helped
An intervention is the first step towards addiction recovery.

Garry Jones
EXPO UK 2016

Self Defence – The art of saving you from yourself
Garry believes that the core risk to success is you, plus the environment you choose to be in. He will give you the tools to become the best you can possibly be, regardless of your perceived limitations.

Fiona Harrold
EXPO UK 2016

Master the media- three simple secrets to getting seen, grabbing attention and getting paid
Fiona works with individuals and businesses to become the stars in their field.

Emine Ali Rushton
EXPO UK 2016

How to live a balanced life – Decoding Ayurveda for the 21st Century
Ayurveda teaches that we each have a dosha – a basic body type that defines our personality and physical wellbeing.

Elliot Kay
EXPO UK 2016

Super Strategy – How To Build A 100K+ Business
Elliot Kay is an strategy expert, his key message is making strategy simple and therefore has spoken all over the world.

Dr. Stephen Simpson
EXPO UK 2016

Get Lucky Now!
Dr. Stephen Simpson’s Get Lucky Now!, he reveals seven secrets that, when followed, lead to abundant health, wealth, and happiness.

Darren Stanton
EXPO UK 2016

How To Jump Out Of The Jamjar
The concept of TV’s Human Lie Detector, Darren Stanton. Make changes in minutes that last a lifetime. When would NOW be the best time to change?

Carlyle Jenkins
EXPO UK 2016

Tap Into You: The Truth About Stress
Fascinated with the idea that the holistic, integrated approach I used with elite athletes could also be helpful to busy professionals.

Paul Boross
EXPO UK 2016

Pimp Your Pitch
Paul, The Pitch Doctor, talks on the Best for Business Stage about how losing pitches comes at a price – literally.

Barry Couples
EXPO UK 2017

Barry’s talk here on the Main Stage is all about the Building a self strategy. He is As the Chief Executive of Omnicom Media Group Asia Pacific, Barry provides the inspiration behind the success of Omnicom’s award-winning media brands.

Emma Ross
EXPO UK 2018

Malina Horbury Workshop
Emma Ross talks on the Passion to Profit Stage. A thought -provoking 45 minutes she explores the true value that comes from within and when learning to live from the heart.

Marisa Peer
EXPO UK 2019

‘You Are Enough’
Marisa teaches that there are three words that can change your life. When you know that you are enough everyone around you will know that too. She teaches how realising your ‘enoughness’ positively impacts your career, relationships and happiness.

Dr Sonja Stribling
EXPO UK 2019

‘Build Your Legacy’
Dr. Sonja is a transformation specialist, influence expert and bestselling author. A retired army major, she uses her experience to lead thousands to victory in dominating in their space and using their inner power to ascend to their next level in life and business.

Brian Rose
EXPO UK 2019

Pull The Trigger – Transform Yourself
Brian is the founder and host of London Real whose weekly live video shows and films have been watched over 100 million times. London Real is internationally recognised for its honesty, empowerment, and transformation.

Bernardo Moya
EXPO UK 2019

The Question
Discover exactly how to stop asking the questions that hold you back or lead you nowhere, and start asking the questions that will empower you to mastery of three traits of success.

Janey Lee Grace
EXPO UK 2016

Find Your Unique Brilliance – Get Your Brand In The Media
Janey Lee explains how identifying your own unique brilliance will help you to connect with people and sell more.

Barbara De Angelis
EXPO UK 2016

Soul Shifts Transform Yourself From The Inside Out
Learn how advanced spirituality affects your everyday life and also the people around you.

Dr. Sonja Stribling
EXPO UK 2018

Build Your Six Figure Empire
Dr. Sonja talks on the Passion to Profit Stage.

Discover your inner power to ascend to the next level in life and business.

Paul Boross
EXPO UK 2018

Pimp Your Pitch
Paul, The Pitch Doctor, talks on the Best for Business Stage about how losing pitches comes at a price – literally.

Losing pitches comes at a price – literally. It Costs time and money to get in front of a client. Maximize your chances of winning business with this session from Paul The Pitch Doctor.

Roberto C. Candelaria
EXPO UK 2018

Activating your Brand Advocates
Roberto talks on the Best for business Stage.

Your best sales people don’t work for you – they are your happiest customers who tell their friend all about you.

Matt Kendall
EXPO UK 2018

How To Get People Begging To Work With You, Without Having To Do Any Selling!
Matt talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Matt unveils a new approach that allows you have people applying to work with you. His workshop is packed full with life changing information to transform your career.

Berny Dohrmann
EXPO UK 2018

Building a Business & Raising Capital
Berny talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Berny, founder of CEO Space, an entrepreneurial training and world class business networking organization, helps executives and entrepreneurs achieve their goals more quickly through high-end networking opportunities and coaching.

Warren Carlyle
EXPO UK 2018

Community building for business Owners
Warren talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Warren shares the 5C’s that build financial brand communities online, showing how your brand can command the type of attention that develops a bigger impact and income quickly and easily.

Victoria Grech
EXPO UK 2018

Learn How To Create Professional Marketing Videos Using Your Smartphone
Victoria talks on the Best for Business Stage.

In this engaging workshop expert Victoria will share storytelling and performance tips to you so you can create killer videos that drive more traffic, engage your audience and increase sales.

Michael Neill
EXPO UK 2016

Bringing Out The Best In Yourself and Others
Michael talks here on the Main Stage .The ‘formless you’ has infinite potential – before it gets lost. It’s tiring to be the image people have about us. Get back to your infinite potential and start functioning as you were designed to be.

Tineke Rensen
EXPO UK 2018

Maximum Business Growth For Women
Tineke talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Women need to grow their business, and Tineke is on a mission to help them do it in a feminine, impactful way.

Cindy Galvin
EXPO UK 2018

Discover the Platform for Success
Confidence is a trait people search for without realizing they have the resources to find it within themselves.

Caroline Heward
EXPO UK 2018

The Psychology of Communication
Carolines talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Words have the power to influence your business and personal life.

Andy Hessey
EXPO UK 2018

How To  Make Change Less Frightening Than A Slowly Deflating Balloon
Andy talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Change get a bad press- but Andy is here to prove that it can be great.

Aaron Young
EXPO UK 2018

Becoming an Unshackled Owner: How To Build A Business That Works Harder For You That You Have To Work For It!
Aaron here talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Aaron shares the 7 steps needed to build a company that can be operated without the owner being there to manager it.

Steve Davies
EXPO UK 2018

Diversity in Business: Why Inclusion Matters?
Steve talks on the Best for Business Stage.

Diversity is growing in importance and we must approach it mindfully.

Kajen Kanagasabai
EXPO UK 2018

Authentic Creation
Kajen here talk on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Kajen worked in senior finance for over 20 years and now marries practical business skills with personal development to create mind solutions and help you overcome challenges.

Tony Dada
EXPO UK 2018

Realize the Impossible and Create Happiness (R.I.C.H Members Club)
Tony here talks on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Tony is an entrepreneur, author, singer, songwriter, and renowned empowerment coach.

Dr. Stephen Simpson
EXPO UK 2017

Get Lucky Now! The 7 Secrets of Proven Success
Dr. Stephen talks here on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Private and coach Dr. Simpson has studied the habits, processes and behaviors  of “lucky’ people who change their lives, and now he shares their secrets with you.

Polly Alexandre
EXPO UK 2018

Create A New Money Mindset – 5 Ways to Make more money Without Working Harder

Warren Cass
EXPO UK 2018

Creating More Influence In Your Life
Warren talks here on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Warren shares ideas on how to connect more deeply with people and increase your personal influence, in his inimitable no-nonsense and entertaining style.

John Gower
EXPO UK 2018

Networking Workshop
John talks here on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Join John, founder of Omni Local Business Networking, for a valuable networking workshop.

Jonathan Pfahl
EXPO UK 2018

How to build Serious Wealth Whilst Building Your  Business
Jonathan talk here on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

In this value-filled talk, Rockstar Group’s Founder Jonathan will explain his wealth building process, covering private company investment, property and business partnerships, and share his secrets to success to enable you to do the same.

Sarah J Naylor
EXPO UK 2018

How to Manifest your Dream Job
Sarah talks here on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Sarah is an Inspirational Motivator and expert in connecting passion and energy to loving and living life on purpose.

Belinda Mangani
EXPO UK 2018

Find Your Zero The Complete Money Management Program
Belinda talks in the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Belinda has been teaching the principles of successful money management for as long as she can remember.

Adam Mortimer
EXPO UK 2018

Success in 60 Seconds or Less – Rapid Fire Clearing Techniques
Adam speaks on the Wealth and Riches Stage.

This inspirational session will teach you the world’s most effective techniques for removing mind weeds and self -limiting thoughts.

Inga Ezera
EXPO UK 2018

How to Develop a Million Dollar Personal Brand to Skyrocket Your Business
Inga talks in the Wealth and Riches Stage.

Inga, Personal Brand Development Partner and Author of The Success Planner, reveals why your authentic impactful personal brand is your success key.

Mohammed Salih
EXPO UK 2018

Mohammed Salih Workshop
Mohammed talks on the Wealth and Riches stage.

Expert Mohammed is on a mission to help you harness the most effective technology use.

Kelly Pretty
EXPO UK 2018

How to find your Soulmate When you don’t have a Minute to Breathe
Kelly talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Kelly is an entrepreneur, Inspirational speaker and mentor helping you to find connected love in a disconnected world.

Julie Silver
EXPO UK 2018

Don’t Stress, Sparkle
Julie talks in the Life and Wok Balance Stage.

Enjoyable and effortless ways to reduce stress and bring some sparkle into your life from self proclaimed ‘Vitality Fairy’ Julie Silver.

Suzy Greaves
EXPO UK 2018

How to Make a Life Leap
Susan speaks in the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Suzy Greaves, Career Coach and Editor-in-Chief os Psychologies Magazine, sets out how to break negative patterns, set achievable goals and make them happen.

Dr. Mark Atkinson
EXPO UK 2018

Be Unlimited: your Bridge to Personal freedom and Self-Mastery
Dr. Mark talks on the Life and work Balance Stage.

Discover a revolutionary system for operating at peak levels of energy and experiencing deep fulfillment and inner peace.

Samantha Hearne
EXPO UK 2018

Managing Anxiety in your Everyday Life
Samantha talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Samantha Hearne founded A Happy Mind, a business that allows women to overcome anxieties and start to thrive in life, through coaching and workshops.

Karen O’Donoghue and Ed Hawley
EXPO UK 2018

Be Your Own Boss: Stories from successful Entrepreneurs in Wellness
Karen speaks on the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Global wellness resource well to do has a monthly readership of over 100,000.

Bonnie Parsons
EXPO UK 2018

The X Factor in Confidence
Bonnie Parsons talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Aged just 23 entrepreneur Bonnie Parsons founded Seen on Screen, a national fitness initiative that teaches thousands to dance like pop icons.

Hilary Rowland
EXPO UK 2018

How I Launched London’s First Boutique Spinning Studio and Things I’ve Learnt Along the Way
Hilary talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Hilary shares her journey from model to co -founder of one of London’s most popular spin studios, Boom Cycle.

Dr. Hazel Wallace
EXPO UK 2018

Fitting Healthy Living into Any Schedule
Dr. Wallace here talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Dr. Hazel Wallace AKA The Food Medic is a practicing doctor with a special interest in nutrition and lifestyle medicine, as well as being a qualified personal trainer.

Kelly McHugh
EXPO UK 2018

Discover the Key Elements of the Yoga Business Digital Marketing Toolbox
Kelly here talks in the Life and Work Balance Stage.

Yoga teacher Kelly MgHugh is the founder of Digital Yoga Academy and Good yoga Life.

Collette Walsh
EXPO UK 2018

Diggin’ Deep with Collette Walsh
Collette here talks on the Life & Work Balance Stage.

She was and editor of Shine Magazine, teaches how to find peace and restore your passion for life after loss or an unexpected ending.

Rhiannon Lambert
EXPO UK 2018

Re Nourish-Building a Healthy Relationship with Food
Rhiannon share her knowledge on the Life & Work Balance Stage.

Author Rhiannon shares her philosophy that food should be a positive aspect of life, offering enjoyment, fuel and happiness for both the mind and body.

Louky De Lange
EXPO UK 2018

How to Improve your Health by Balancing your Mind, Body & Sou
Louky speaks on the Life & Work Balance Stage.

Health Psychologist Louky de Lange will show you better path to improved health and wellbeing, through eliminating stress and finding harmony of the body, mind and soul.

JudyMay Murphy
EXPO UK 2018

This is Judymay’s Main Stage talk
She uses her highly skilled techniques to leverage the power of the individual to affect real progress.

Gary Sinclair

Neutralizing Negative Memories
Gary talks on the Health and Lifestyle Stage

Gary Sinclair is a leader in Energy Medicine, producing 100% results in neutralizing PTSD memories in seconds with no hint of failure.

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