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A heartfelt welcome from me, Bernardo Moya!

I’m so excited to share with you the knowledge I’ve amassed in over a decade of working with the very best in the Personal Development world. There’s a lot to pack in.

To Rise To The Top you will need a wide portfolio of skills, attitudes, beliefs and connections to give you the many different competencies you need to succeed.

I have carefully designed this course to do exactly that. I will take you through the numerous skills I personally know the very best rely on, as I’ve seen in my 10 years working with those at the forefront of personal development.

During that time I have invested millions of dollars to build one of the biggest brands in personal and professional growth. I have worked closely with and promoted NLP co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler, as well as lifestyle guru Paul McKenna. I founded The Best You Corporation, am Publisher of The Best You Magazine, Producer of The Best You Online, developed The Best You Legacy Clubs and am the architect of the world’s largest Personal Development fair, The Best You EXPO . I have promoted more than 700 speakers and have helped close to 70,000 attendees find their life path. 

With my vast network of connections, globally, I  can help you make those associations happen – the ones that mean the difference between making it happen now… in ten years or… not at all.

As Chief Inspiration Officer and founder of The Best You, entrepreneur, author of the best selling book “The Question”, speaker, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter…I am equipped to help you now!

So, let’s get started!

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Course Materials

RTTT • 0 Assessing Your Path!

RTTT • 1 Foundations • Introduction • Wholistic Approach

RTTT • 2 Mindset and Beliefs

RTTT • 3 Building A Team

RTTT • 4 Writing Your Book

RTTT • 5 Copywriting

RTTT • 6 Marketing

RTTT • 7 Public Speaking

RTTT • 8 Selling

RTTT • 9 Social Media

RTTT • 10 Video - Podcasts

RTTT • 11 Promoting Events

RTTT • 12 Revenue Streams

RTTT • 13 Going Global - Partnerships