Human Potential: Realize Your Unlimited Potential

A 5-Week online experiential process for Accessing & Starting to Live from a State of Ease, Wellbeing and Self-Acceptance.

Join internationally-renowned integrative medicine physician and human potential teacher Dr. Mark Atkinson MBBS, and VIP Guest, Bulletproof Founder, Dave Asprey. Together, they offer you the pearls of wisdom they discovered after a lifetime of studying, learning and teaching thousands of people how to realize their unlimited potential.

This course is for you if you want:

A Mind that is
Clear, Focused & High-Performing

A Mind that is
Clear, Focused &

To Activate Untapped Brain Energy & Make
Better Decisions

To Activate Untapped
Brain Energy & Make
Better Decisions

To Feel Calm and
Centred Under

To Feel Calm and
Centred Under

To Experience True
Wellbeing and
Deep Fulfillment

To Experience True
Wellbeing and
Deep Fulfillment

To Be 100%
Accepting of You
& Your Body

To Be 100%
Accepting of You
& Your Body

To Become
The Best Version
of You

To Become
The Best Version
of You


Module 1: Waking Up

There is one practice, that if you master, will radically transform you and your life. This ongoing practice is the holy grail of self-mastery and the foundations of Be Unlimited. It is the practice of consciously realigning with aware Presence, the ever-present, nature state of flow in which you feel alive, awake and aware, centered, connected and clear. When you are aligned with aware Presence (versus the familiar, contracted egoic-state) life feels and flows so much better. You are allowing the best of you to meet the needs and possibilities of the present moment – effortlessly. Aware Presence is the master key to waking up, unlocking your potential and accessing inner fulfillment. In module one, Dr. Mark will teach you:

  • A profound and immediate way to restore your felt experience of aware Presence on-demand.
  • How to identify (and shift out of) the conditioned behaviors and mindstates that are keeping you limited, stressed and closed from the intelligent flow of life.
  • Why welcoming and working with Reality is so profoundly important to everything, including your vitality, fulfillment and inner freedom.
  • To shift out of unhelpful stories and dramas on-demand and into the sanity, and clear-seeing of aware Presence.
  • A 35-day meditation challenge designed to accelerate your shift from ego to aware Presence.
  • Why upgrading from a thought-based operating system to awareness based operating system is essential to unfolding your best self and highest future.
  • A series of powerful daily morning and evening rituals to enhance your psychological wellbeing.

Module 2: Powering Up

Energy-on-tap. Aliveness. Vitality. This can become your reality, once you master the prerequisite skill for fulfillment and high-performance – energy management. Having ample biological energy available to you through good self-care and energy mastery, and using that energy with integrity and from aware Presence unlocks authentic power, a unlimited wellspring of inner fulfillment, aliveness and wellbeing. In this gamechanging module Dr. Mark and VIP guest Dave Asprey, are going to teach you:

  • How to maximize your power so that you have energy on-tap when you need it.
  • Why intentionally shifting between periods of intense activity/focus and renewal and relaxation is the key to health and high-performance (and not burning out!).
  • The changes to your food and nutrition that will bring about incredible changes in your mood, energy and focus in the quickest possible time.
  • How to upgrade your metabolism in a way that prioritizes the burning of fat for energy and unhooks you from carbohydrate dependency. The result? Cravings and body fat percentage goes down. Physical energy and mental clarity go up.
  • A powerful practice for activating your body’s innate ability to release stress and tension and access a underlying sense of wellbeing and aliveness.
  • Which supplements will help you activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and think faster.
  • About the hacks to supercharge your brain, energy and performance.

Module 3: Cleaning Up

The number one most powerful way to upgrade and radically transform your life is the process of Cleaning Up. Specifically to create a physical environment that supports (not undermines) your health, energy and performance (easy to do) and an inner psychological environment that allows your potential to unfold (quite challenging, but we will show you how!). In this module Dr Mark is going to teach you;

  • How to identify your personal kryptonite, the beliefs and influences, past and present that habitually pull you out of aware Presence – and what to do about them.
  • A revolutionary way to welcome and work with your inner experience (thoughts, emotions and sensations) that will liberate energy, wellbeing and clarity
  • A deeply liberating process for experiencing total self-acceptance, including acceptance of your physical body. In fact, after you have completed the exercise, you will be able to look at your naked body and feel relaxed, energized and at peace! No judgements.
  • How to let-go of anything that gets in the way of you experiencing inner freedom and deep fulfillment.
  • A simple daily self-care practice designed to release the accumulation of tension and resentment. You are going to enjoy the well-being and freedom that comes with this!
  • How to align with, versus resist and control, the flow of life.

Module 4: Growing Up

Bring to mind at least one or two habits or behaviours that you would like to change or delete? We all have ones in serious need of upgrading, what are yours? Do you struggle with keeping commitments and/or find that your focus and energy is being hijacked by a distraction, compulsion or addiction? Have you discovered that motivation is not the key to sustainable change? The answer is almost certainly yes, this is a challenge for everyone. And that is why we have dedicated a module to the process of upgrading your behaviours and habits. In this module Dr. Mark is going to teach you:

  • How to systematically upgrade behaviours that undermine your health, integrity or performance.
  • To take charge of the habit creation process – it is easier than you think!
  • How to welcome and work with the personas of your ego-complex (especially the perfectionist and inner critic) in ways that frees up massive amounts of energy and clarity.
  • How to welcome all of the disowned aspects of you, and by doing so initiate an auto-upgrade process to your personality. This is a profound and life changing process.
  • Why making a micro-adjustment to your state-of-consciousness, starting small and building on existing habits are the keys to habit change.
  • The key practices and principles for transforming and upgrading your relationships.
  • How to systematically identify your patterns around success, money, health, weight, emotions and relationships – and how to upgrade the ones that you want to.

Module 5: Showing Up

Life is a customized curriculum for your growth, learning and enjoyment. When we wake up to this and appreciate that life responds to how we show up and engage with it, everything changes. When you align with Reality, pay attention to how you are showing up and gently and repeatedly shift from dysfunctional, limiting behaviors into aware Presence and act from that, with the support of others, all manner of capacities come online. We come to realize that for most of our life we have been asleep. We were never in charge, our conditioning, unconsciousness and our environment was in charge of us. No wonder we felt disconnected and fearful. No wonder we felt closed and a need to protect yourself. These old patterns were the legacy of childhood, survival based mechanisms designed to help your survive childhood. They now, in adulthood become your limitations. So the question is – are you ready to break free? Are you ready to step into your Power, connect authentically with others and Be Unlimited? In this module Dr Mark will teach you:

  • Why the soul’s journey, the journey into learning and life, is so challenging, and how to work with those challenges rather than against them
  • A perspective on what your life purpose and gifts are – and invite you to discover whether it is true for you!
  • What active surrender is, and how to embrace its transformational potency.
  • How to continue to show up, wake up and trust in life’s infinite intelligence
  • How to transform your relationships and start seeing with the eyes of heart
  • Why connecting with others and creating mutually supportive and empowering is key to your expansion into the world
  • A way of being in the world in which you feel grateful and connected most of the time

Join Be Unlimited and Receive:

7 Videos

7 Videos

illuminating insights and practical teachings

5 Live calls

5 Live calls

get your questions answered - go deep

5 Guides

5 Guides

summary of core teachings, plus video transcripts

10 Practices

10 Practices

these are the secret to Be Unlimited

1 Community

1 Community

be supported by others during your process



access to the entire program

Why this course delivers
incredible results

Learn from a Leading Human Potential Expert

The internationally-renowned integrative medicine physician and human potential teacher, Dr. Mark, is going to share with you the core foundations of the inner transformation and human development process. His approach is pioneering, challenging and transformative.

Consciousness shifting practices

You are going to learn how to shift out of fear, stress, separation and excessive control into a new way of being centered in awareness, gratitude, inner ease and the experience of flow. By living from the inner state of freedom (aware Presence), by knowing thyself, you make the most significant discovery of your life to date - what you seek, is who you are.

Cutting-edge Psychological & Biological Technologies

You are going to learn how to work skillfully with your emotions, stress, body and inner psychological state in ways that liberate clarity, insight and a high level of vitality. This provides the fuel and focus for showing up and living from your next-level Self.


You are going to learn how to let go off, and undo the psychological conditioning that prevents authentic purpose flowing into your experience. This life-changing work enables you to become aware of and track your inner GPS and live aligned with your souls plan. And when you stray, you will know how to get back on track and ride the flow of life's great unfolding.

Learn from the World's Leading Bio-Hacker

Founder of Bulletproof 360 and author of the New York Times bestsellers the Bulletproof Diet and Head Strong, Dave Asprey is widely regarded as one of the world's leading biohackers. Dave is going to teach you how to take control of your energy and tap into the power of being human.

Be Unlimited is

5 weeks




MARCH 2018


5 Modules




We recommend one hour per week reviewing the module content and 60-minutes plus per day on the practices. Engaging wholeheartedly with the practices and meditations daily are the key to experiencing results.


How long is the Be Unlimited course?

The Be Unlimited course last five weeks. It commences Saturday March 17th, 2018 and finishes Saturday, April 21st, 2018. You will have lifetime access to the entire course!


The Live Calls are 75-minutes long, take place via zoom teleconferencing and are on the following dates:

  • Live Call with Dr. Mark: Wednesday March 21st 10am PT
  • Live Call with Dr. Mark: Wednesday March 28th 10am PT
  • Live Call with Dr. Mark & Dave Asprey: Wednesday April 4th 10am PT
  • Live Call with Dr. Mark: Wednesday April 11th 10am PT
  • Live Call with Dr. Mark & Deborah Rozman: Wednesday April 18th 10am PT

If you are unable to make the live calls, you will be able to access the recordings on the Live Call page.

How do I access the course?

After enrollment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your course via our online learning center. It is simple and very easy to navigate! Be Unlimited can be accessed on any device. You will also be provided with a link to the private Be Unlimited Facebook Group. You can connect with your fellow Be Unlimited explorers right away!

How long will it take me to complete each week?

The time commitment will vary weekly. We suggest prioritizing at least 60 minutes each day for the practices and exercises that we will teach you, and one hour each week for watching the training videos and reading the materials. If you get behind, that’s not a problem because you have unlimited access to the materials!

What is the refund policy?

We back our program with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. Here is how it works. Watch, read and listen to everything within the Be Unlimited course. Use the 10 Be Unlimited practices at least 3 times each. If after doing this and having sincerely engaged with the Be Unlimited process you feel you have not received value for money then please send us an email by April 28th, confirming that you engaged each of the ten practices and detailing what did not work for you so we can learn and improve. Once we receive your response to these requests we will issue a refund.


Completion of the entire Be Unlimited training course provides 20 Resource Development CCE units for coaches and 20 CPD units for other professionals. It is your responsibility to find out whether these units meet the requirements of the professional body to which you belong. The Bulletproof Training Institute is an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21478) and an ICF-accredited coach training provider (organization code: 12516).

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