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"How Would YOU Like Us To Show You Exactly How To...
Create Your First
Online Course In The Next 21 Days?"

Do You Know The #1 Reason Why People....
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Answer The Following 4 questions:

1) You KNOW that you have something that people are already interested in learning more about and you can help them...
True or False?
2) You KNOW that other people are making a lot of money selling online courses, right now...
True or False?
3) You're FRUSTRATED because you know you've been MISSING OUT on an incredible OPPORTUNITY to take what you know and turn that into a PROFIT...
True or False?
4) You KNOW that creating a PROFITABLE online course can literally CHANGE EVERYTHING for YOU...
True or False?
If you answered "True" to one or more of these questions, then keep reading...
What you NEED is a SIMPLE and EASY to follow STEP BY STEP PROCESS that shows how to create a WORLD CLASS COURSE in the next 21 Days...from someone who knows the path to online course success!
This challenge WILL work for you...even if you have Zero technical knowledge!!


Here Is What We Know For Sure!!
90% Of People Who Want To Create An Online Course...WON'T!!!

For a large percentage of will always just be a dream!

THEN, there are the people who are actively looking for a way to do it...
A way to figure out all the parts they need and how to pull it together...
The ones who will eventually give up because it just seems too big a task...
They don't have the time to figure it all they don't :(


Meet Brian & Janice Muldoon

Your Online Success Coaches!
We are SUPER EXCITED to work with you and provide you with the steps to creating your online course or membership site.
We have been helping everyday people create extraordinary online assets that serve them for years to come, and now we want to help YOU do it too!!

Brian Muldoon

I have a long and varied CV. From a one-time professional musician, to business owner and property developer with an absolute TON of sales and marketing expertise! I am also a Strategic Business Coach, which has proved to be invaluable to my clients who I work directly with to grow and scale their online businesses.

I am a Certified Partner with Infusionsoft and have a vast knowledge of Kajabi, Clickfunnels and Kartra. I also have an online podcast called Clicks and Funnels that I use to share online marketing strategies to help people improve their engagement and conversions.

For the past 6 years Janice and I have been business partners as co directors of One-Result. We create fully automated systems for our clients, which means they get to spend more time doing things that make them money, rather than doing things that only make them busy.

Janice and I moved to Northern Ireland from Canada in 2012 and live in the seaside town of Bangor with our dog Sam.
We still travel to Canada frequently as we have lots of friends and family to visit including my daughter and 2
Janice Muldoon

Hi, I’m Janice Muldoon, I am a professional copywriter, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping my clients grow and scale their businesses online.

I have 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in both the Canadian and UK markets, where I started and developed enterprises in sectors as diverse as property development and beauty.

All of the challenges, successes, and failures that I have steered through over the years, have given me invaluable knowledge and insight to the physical, mental and emotional challenges that every business owner faces, albeit to various degrees.

My passion is to share this knowledge with others who are serious about developing their businesses, and to help them achieve their business and personal goals.

On the personal side of things, I have been married to Brian for 18 years and I am a Step Mum and Step Nanny to two gorgeous grandchildren. I am passionate about animal welfare and the environment and basically trying to make the world a better, happier place!

Can advise you on Automation, Business Strategy, Copywriting , Course Creation, Entrepreneurship,Funnels Lead Generation, Marketing, Membership Sites ,Sales

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